Checking and cancelling appointments 
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Checking, rescheduling or cancelling an appointment

To make an appointment, you will need an appointment ticket, which you can obtain from a FSHS doctor or public health nurse. The ticket allows you to book appointments via the Self system. If an appointment you have booked is no longer suitable for you, you can reschedule it without losing your ticket. If you find you do not need an appointment at all, you can cancel your booking. You will then lose your appointment ticket. N.B. Appointments booked without a ticket can only be cancelled.

1. If you wish to cancel an appointment, you can do so using our Self service. You should only cancel an appointment if you are sure you will not need it. This is because an appointment cancellation means you lose your appointment ticket. You can also contact the site in question by phone.

2. You can check or reschedule laboratory appointments using our Self service. You can also contact the site in question by phone.
If you cannot make it to your appointment, please let us know well in advance.
This way we can give the appointment time to someone else and our queues will be shorter.The penalty fee for no-show appointments (€35) will be charged for any appointments, group sessions and examinations that you do not cancel and do not arrive for, even if the appointment would have been free of charge.